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Dzuveo® sublingual sufentanil 30mcg tablet. Quick opioid pain relief.


About Dzuveo®

Dzuveo® is a sublingual sufentanil pain medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain in adults. 

Sufentanil is an opioid which works by attaching to u-opioid receptors in the brain. Attaching to these receptors in the brain helps relieve the patient’s pain.

Available as 3mm, 30 mcg sublingual tablets, Dzuveo® comes in a disposable single-dose applicator (1)

It can be administered as needed but no more than once every hour, resulting in a maximum dose of 720 mcg/day.

Dzuveo® should not be used beyond 48 hours.


Your efficient (1) pain control

Efficient (1)

When you need to gain control of your patients’ comfort:

• Efficient (1). Dzuveo®'s high lipophilicity means it penetrates the blood brain barrier rapidly, efficiently producing the desired analgesic effect (3-4).

• Blockable. All effects of the drug can be blocked immediately and completely by the administration of a suitable antagonist, such as Naloxone (1).

Effective for

In patient trials, Dzuveo® had a mean score that was superior to patients using a placebo in abdominal surgery patients and bunionectomy patients, respectively (1).

for trauma

Dzuveo® sublingual sufentanil provided effective analgesia for adults with moderate to severe acute pain due to surgery or trauma/injury (2).

Avoids first-pass metabolism

When you need to guarantee the concentration of the active drug reaches the required site (5).

• No first-pass effect (6)

• Dzuveo® has a bioavailability of 53% (3-4)

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Dzuveo® supports your team to maintain control of pain to deliver empathetic patient care.

Your fast acting(2) pain control

Works fast (2)

Dzuveo® reduces pain intensity within 15-30 minutes (2), maintaining effective analgesia for up to 3 hours (2)

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Typically dissolves in ~5 minutes (7-10)

Dzuveo®'s high lipophilicity means you can administer it sublingually to achieve a rapid onset of the analgesic effect (1).

Group 375.png
Short half life

The plasmatic half-life of Dzuveo® is 2.5 hours (3). Dzuveo®'s maximum sublingual sufentanil concentrations are achieved approximately 60 minutes after a single dose, shortened to approximately 40 minutes following repeated hourly dosing (1).

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Your simple pain control


In a fast-paced environment, you won't need to calculate the dose. Dzuveo® comes ready to administer in a single dose tablet of 30mcg of sublingual sufentanil (1).

Large therapeutic window

There is a large window between the effective dose and the lethal dose, which means precise dose adjustments are not required. 

This large therapeutic window makes Dzuveo® suitable for various patient profiles.

Sublingual presentation

Taken sublingually, the non-invasive administration means Dzuveo® can be used more easily by healthcare providers and patients.

• The drug comes in a small tablet with a 3mm diameter, which does not trigger the salivary response.
• Can be used by patients without IV access.
• Can be used by nil-by-mouth patients.

Adverse effects are similar to other opioids

Dzuveo® has no active metabolites, reducing the potential for dose stacking and the consequential side effects which can be so unpleasant for the patient.

Analgesia, designed for your healthcare environment

Post operative

Patients who mobilise sooner recover quicker (6). Dzuveo® supports you to gain control over patient comfort, so they can follow what's needed for their recovery.

Emergency &
trauma pain

In an emergency, relieving pain is an urgent priority. Dzuveo® takes effect quickly to make your patients comfortable, so you can work on their other clinical needs.


If a patient experiences pain during their procedure, whether it be a dressing change, burn debridement or an endoscopy, it could affect their overall outcome and clinical experience. Dzuveo®'s efficient analgesia supports you in getting patient pain under control.

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Dzuveo® allows you to control your patient's pain urgently and non-invasively, prioritising patient care and comfort.

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Safety information

Dzuveo is to be administered by a healthcare professional in a medically monitored setting only. A medically monitored setting must have equipment and personnel trained to detect and manage hypoventilation, and availability of supplemental oxygen and opioid antagonists, such as naloxone. Dzuveo should only be prescribed and administered by healthcare professionals who are experienced in the management of opioid therapy; particularly opioid adverse reactions, such as respiratory depression

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